Swallow Gateway compatible system-catheter configurations and enabled file attachments are listed below. If your system is not in the list below, please contact us for further information.

Star Medical – Unisensor

Pressure Impedance Catheter
36 18 36P18Z-K1236A2-E-1392
36 - 36P-K123659-00-1002-D

Medtronic - Manoscan

Pressure Impedance Catheter
36 - ManoScan ESO
36 18 ManoScan ESO Z*

Diversatek – Unisensor

Pressure Impedance Catheter
36 18 K1236A2-E-1392

MMS – Mui (Perfusion)

Pressure Impedance Catheter
22 12 CE4-1083
36 12 CE4-1137
22 - CE4-1062
20 - CE4-0037

MMS – Unisensor

Pressure Impedance Catheter
25 12 K102559-E-1245-D
Also compatible with:
36 12 K103659-E-1236-D
Also compatible with:
36 16 K103659-E-12100-D
36 16 K103659-E-1180-D
Also compatible with:
36 16 K103659-E-1816-D
32 16 K83259-E-1263-D


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SGW Online training course 

Swallow Gateway is pleased to offer opportunities for you to enhance your knowledge about Swallow Gateway Analysis of High-Resolution Manometry.

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The SGW Basics Online Training Course (view video) teaches optimal use of Swallow Gateway for analysis and explains how novel pressure-flow metrics are derived and what they mean. "Throughout the course I was inspired by the Swallow Gateway Team’s expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication. From the first module it is clear this is not your “average” online course. Content is presented in an accessible, thoughtful and engaging manner. There are a range of videos, interactive diagrams, readings, and tasks. Personal feedback on analyses was generously offered. Thank you for a most informative and rewarding course." - Course Participant 2020

SGW Basics Online Training Course comprises five modules; covering pharyngeal, esophageal and esophago-gastric-junction analysis. Example studies, activities, exercises, helpful videos, resources and one-on-one training support are provided to optimise your learning. Course modules are completed in your own time with enrolment to suit your schedule. Once registered, the SGW Team will be in contact to arrange your participation and provide further information.

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