The answers to frequently asked questions about Swallow Gateway.

  • What is the Swallow Gateway?

    Swallow Gateway is a cloud-based service that is used in conjunction with commercially available high-resolution manometry (HRM) systems.

  • What does Swallow Gateway do?

    Swallow Gateway enhances HRM assessment and the communications around swallowing disorders by providing the following functions:

    • Upload and display of HRM-acquired biomechanical swallow data.
    • Integration and cloud storage of other clinically relevant information (images, videos, documents).
    • Clinical communication and collaboration via secure data sharing, online chat and clinical report drafting.
  • Who owns Swallow Gateway?

    The Swallow Gateway service is owned and provided by Flinders Partners Pty Ltd of Flinders University, South Australia.

  • Who should be using Swallow Gateway Analysis?

    Swallow Gateway has been designed for clinicians and researchers who are already conducting HRM investigations in patients with swallowing disorders. In other words, users should already be working in a research and/or clinical environment and have attained formal training in deglutology or a related discipline.

  • Is Swallow Gateway Analysis evidence-based?

    Yes. The biomechanical data generated by Swallow Gateway has been the subject of considerable peer-reviewed research.

  • If I am happy with the analysis provided by my HRM system, why do I still need Swallow Gateway?

    Anyone working with patients with swallowing disorders knows that the pathophysiology is complex and that dysphagia sufferers are managed by different multi-disciplinary teams. Swallow Gateway is the only system harnessing the power of the internet to enable multi-level interactions; from discussions around individual cases under management through to international multi-center clinical collaborations and deglutology education

  • How do I know my data is secure?

    Swallow Gateway respects the fundamental principles of ethics and privacy and the following safeguards are designed to ensure security and privacy of data stored on servers which are currently located in Australia:

    All user accounts are password protected.

    • Swallow Gateway utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for security management and advanced threat protection.
    • Swallow Gateway allows sharing of data amongst account holders in de-identified forms.
    • Swallow Gateway recognizes that de-identification alone may not negate privacy risks and users should therefore seek their own advice regarding the sufficiency of the above safeguards and the need for additional controls.

SGW Online training course 

Swallow Gateway is pleased to offer opportunities for you to enhance your knowledge about Swallow Gateway Analysis of High-Resolution Manometry.

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The SGW Basics Online Training Course (view video) teaches optimal use of Swallow Gateway for analysis and explains how novel pressure-flow metrics are derived and what they mean. "Throughout the course I was inspired by the Swallow Gateway Team’s expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication. From the first module it is clear this is not your “average” online course. Content is presented in an accessible, thoughtful and engaging manner. There are a range of videos, interactive diagrams, readings, and tasks. Personal feedback on analyses was generously offered. Thank you for a most informative and rewarding course." - Course Participant 2020

SGW Basics Online Training Course comprises five modules; covering pharyngeal, esophageal and esophago-gastric-junction analysis. Example studies, activities, exercises, helpful videos, resources and one-on-one training support are provided to optimise your learning. Course modules are completed in your own time with enrolment to suit your schedule. Once registered, the SGW Team will be in contact to arrange your participation and provide further information.

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