SGW Learning Opportunities

SGW Basics Online Course

Cost: $AU 495 (includes 4 weeks access to all course material via Flinders Learning Online)
Course participants receive Free Clinical Associate Subscription Access while learning about HRM and how to use Swallow Gateway.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Module 1:  Upload and analysis pressure-impedance recordings of pharyngeal swallowing.
Module 2: Understanding pharyngeal pressure-impedance metrics; derivation in Swallow Gateway and what they indicate about oropharyngeal swallowing physiology.
Module 3: Upload and analysis pressure-impedance recordings of esophageal peristalsis.
Module 4: Understanding esophageal pressure-impedance metrics; In particular, derivation in Swallow Gateway and what they indicate about esophageal bolus transport physiology.
Module 5: Analysis of esophago-gastric junction pressures; basal tone and morphology.

Certificate of Completion provided on request, which includes a summary of the course objectives.

NOTE: This Course is not accredited to assess competency in using HRIM for clinical diagnosis.

Additional Course Materials:

SGW Extras Module; to view video’s containing practical hints and helpful advice.
SGW Publication Archive; to access all published SGW papers.
SGW 2021 Workshop FULL Video; SGW2021 was held at Flinders University on 10th of April 2021.
Speakers: Dr Charles Cock (Aust.), Prof Taher Omari (Aust.) & Prof Nathalie Rommel (Belgium).
Attendees heard presentations about HRM protocols and analysis of pressure-impedance topography utilising the Swallow Gateway web application.
PART I – Pharyngeal Protocols and Analysis (2h:39m)
PART II – Esophageal Protocols and Analysis (2h:04m)
PART III – Question & Answer Session (46m)